Wednesday, 15 April 2009

update on the dominance war challenge


Mlle said...

this. is. amazing.
(and scary! I wouldn't want to run into this guy)

Ludwin said...

hahaha if you would run into this guy you'd be mince-meat. i named "it" :"The Bowler" or "The Kingpin"(because of the huge ball on the chain it's waving around), one of those two. not sure yet. i'm leaning towards The Bowler because the other name is implying he or she (not sure either) is king-like and since it's an abomination and lowest lifeform of demons, The Bowler is more appropriate. what do you think?

Mlle said...

I like The Bowler. I agree, this creature doesn't seem like the type to carry such a grandiose name.

It would be funny if you named it something completely off the wall, like "Pinky".

So, is the the finished product, or do you have to do more work?

Ludwin said...

ooooh no, not finished by far. still have so much work to do.
the deadline is may 11th, so time is running out fast too as these are only the tonal studies. when this stage is finished i'll have to do it in color and do the final illustration. i also have to do a concept sheet, which contains the concept sketches, and i have to do a model sheet wich shows at least three different angles of the character.
so it's going to be pretty busy the next couple of weeks during the evening hours for me :-)

abc said...

Amazing pictures
How do u create those pictures

Ludwin said...

thanks abc!
how do i create them.....pfew tough question :-)
well no, it's actually a fairly simple process.
usually it starts with an idea in my head which i sketch out on paper or photoshop. or sometimes i just start doodling. i work a bit more on it and it turns into an illustration.
thanks for looking at my blog!!!